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The Parish Council is currently considering suggestions that have been made for potential projects for the present and coming financial years.

There are a number of things that have been considered, and some of these may remain as ideas for a few years.  This is due to funding constraints as even if we are lucky enough to secure grants to assist with projects, the Parish Council are often required to provide around 50% of the funding.

Some of the suggestions are not things that the Parish Council can undertake as they relate to land or areas that fall under the responsibility of Milton Keynes Council.  This is where partnership working becomes paramount to try and ensure the results for our residents.

If you have any ideas of projects you think the Parish Council should consider please let us know by emailing: clerk@shenleychurchend-pc.co.uk

Parish Projects

Current and past projects:

Shenley Church End Orchard

Restoration of the Memorial