While the Parish Council believes it is the responsibility of dog owners to clear up and take home the mess caused by their animals, some dogbins are provided as a convenience to dog walkers. The Dog bins are emptied weekly by an outside contractor on a weekly basis.

You can collect free dog poo bags from the Parish Council Offices if you are a resident of the parish.

Dog bins


27: Otterburn Crescent

29: Otterburn Crescent

Grange Farm

31: Singleton Drive

33: Nicholson Grove

34: Wickstead Avenue

35: Hayman Rise footpath

36: Singleton Drive

37: Ashford Crescent

Oxley Park

18: Sinatra Drive

19: Hepburn Crescent

20: Merman Rise

21: Niven Lane

22: Linear Park/Holden Avenue

23: Wannamaker Garden

24: Heston Walk


38: Redding Grove

39: Redding Grove

40: Hendrix Drive

41: Hendrix Drive

42: Lennon Drive

43: Rathbone Close/Playing Fields

44: Marley Grove/Playing Fields


25: Vernier Crescent/Sorenson

26: Medbourne Pavilion

28: Vernier Crescent

30: Pascal Drive

Shenley Wood

14: Wildacre Road

15: Chalkdell Road

16: Foxcovert Road

Shenley Church End

1: Daubeney Gate

2: Engaine Drive

3: Engaine Drive

4: Burchard Crescent

5: Oakhill Road

6&7: Aldwycks Close

8: Holy Thorn Lane

9: Holy Thorn Lane

10: Pigott Drive

11: Stafford Grove

12:Selby Grove

13: Shenley Road

32: Oakhill Close

Dogbins are located at:

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